Game Overview

What is Beyond Protocol?

It’s a new video game categorized as an MMORTS. Inside the game, each player is a leader of their own civilization, complete with the options to wage war, conduct research, carry out espionage, engage in trade, and exercise diplomacy. Other games tend to focus on one or two of these aspects, but in Beyond Protocol they have been intertwined to form a game where players will want to seek out friends and allies with skills that counterbalance their own. This gives the game much less of a perpetual tank rush feel, and much more of a community development and empire simulation feel. However, that’s only the beginning of the description. Jump over to and check out the gallery and forums to learn more. Then register and sign up for the beta to get in!

Who developed Beyond Protocol?

That would be Dark Sky Entertainment, an independent, but highly focused and driven gaming company. The company centers on two brothers, James and Matthew Campbell. Both are avid board game, sci-fi, and general IT aficionados, however, the company has grown to include many hard core gamers and otherwise likeminded employees. A result of the company’s desire to keep in touch with its player base is the Galactic Senate, embedded within the game. This feature allows players to propose and vote on modifications and additions to the game. If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I wish I could…” while playing an MMO, this is the feature you’ve been waiting for.

What is an MMORTS?

MMORTS stands for massively multiplayer online real-time strategy.The nature of an MMO game is that thousands of players play together simultaneously in the same universe. Real-Time Strategy (RTS) has been made a cornerstone of gaming since the early releases of the genre. In an RTS, players control hundreds and potentially thousands of units and facilities to wage war, set up successful and efficient economies, to protect assets, and more. This truly epic scale of gameplay is the heart of Beyond Protocol. Because Beyond Protocol is an MMORTS, it will benefit from constant updates and content releases to keep the game refreshed and interesting.

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