The Galactic Senate

What is the Galactic Senate?

The galactic senate is a governing body of empires. This body provides an electoral college voting system. Specifically, each planet that a player owns in a system provides one vote that player can cast. If there are 7 planets in the system, those 7 votes are tallied and the senate is sent 7 votes towards the majority decision. Therefore, if 4 planets vote for A and 3 planets vote for B, then on the galactic scale, the system will cast all 7 votes for A.

What does the Galactic Senate vote on?

The galactic senate votes on any legislation in the game. The legislation can only be drafted by those players who have control of an entire star system. When the draft is made, it is reviewed by Dark Sky Entertainment, and Dark Sky places an estimated time of "enactment", and then the voting process begins. In 14 days, all votes are made and the decision is final. The resulting vote affects the game and the developers influence the game by the results of the vote.

For example: Assume a player drafts and has approved by DSE a law that makes space stations required to be a certain distance away from the planet and DSE concludes this legislation will be enforced in 21 days from approval. Once the approval process has occurred by DSE, 14 days will go by which all players who possess a planet will vote. As the control of a planet changes, so too the vote may change. At the end of the 14 days, the countdown is complete and the vote is tallied. Once the votes are tallied, the law is either passed or shot down. If it passes, DSE will have 21 days to have the law put into full effect in the game.

Can we reverse a vote by voting again?

Yes the process is just restarted with the new law to abolish the old.

During the voting process, can I change my vote?

You have 14 days to place your vote. There is a running tally of the votes available in the senate window. If you feel the need to change your vote, you may do so at anytime. In addition, other players can see how you specifically have voted. Voting is not private.
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