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TIMELINE: 2147 - 2153 AD|362 - 363 TE|1192 TE|3550 TE|3650 -3650 TE|3659 -3660 TE


So, you’re the one I hear is fool enough to take the seat? Well, as long as you don’t get us all killed, I guess we’ll be better off than we are today. Look, I’m not saying you can’t do it, but I am saying this isn’t gonna be an easy role to fill. There’ll be so many choices and tough decisions, but remember, if you give up, we’re all doomed. We’re all countin on you now. But there’s one more thing before the ceremony… The elders have requested that you read a collection of journals from our clan’s archives. I know, I know, you learned all about things like Earth, the Galactic Wars, and the founding of the Galactic Senate in, what they pass off as an academy these days, but the elders believe these specific journals give the story a “human touch” and they think a leader needs a personal “connection” with the past. I think they’re all old whack jobs, but they might just have a point. Anyways, here’s the first one, I’ll go dig out the next one while you read that.

The last pages from the journal of Douglas Schaeffer:

April 22nd, 2147
Well it was a pretty dull day. Most of what I did today was to fix some bugs in the decryption algorithm we’re using to communicate with Solaris base. Even though it’s been 4 years in planning, I still can’t believe we managed to put a manned observation satellite in orbit around the sun!

April 23rd, 2147
Yesterday was dull but today was amazing! The Solaris crew was able to pull an enormous amount of data from a series of flares. If the world only knew how close we are to controlled fusion, maybe they’d stop all this infighting. Humanity could be so much more, united and exploring space… There was one odd moment today. When the flare activity died down and Solaris sent us the telemetry, we played it back from the beginning just to sit and watch, and I swear, just moments before the flares start, there’s something tiny impacting the site of the flares. The guys all told me I was crazy and that it’s just interference but I know what I saw. Matt, the guy from spectroscopy, told me they’d run a more detailed analysis once they got done with the “important stuff”. Matt’s a good guy, but when it comes to his job, he’s a pretty stuck up…

April 27th, 2147
I’ve been so busy, I haven’t had time for this, but I decided I had to make time to record it. The sun has begun a chain reaction which will cause it to go supernova. We lost Solaris station yesterday, but it’s hard to morn the loss of 20 scientists when 23 billion are probably going to die on Earth, and another billion on Mars base. We’re evacuating as fast as we can, like it’s going to help...

They estimate we only have about a year before the planet becomes unlivable and maybe 5 before the supernova occurs. Even with our fastest shuttles at max capacity we might only be able to get 5% of the population to Pluto base. I talked briefly with one of the scientists doing these calculations, a German who’s been here maybe 4 years, first name Henrich. He’s a short, funny guy who still manages to keep a sense of humor. He says they think anything on the dark side of Pluto will survive, but that what’s left of the already tiny planet will loose its orbit. So those who can get there have a chance, but anything caught in space will almost certainly be obliterated. The other option is Neptune, but there’s no developed base there, and the winds have proved to make colonization troublesome. It would most likely be a haven at best, but some of the bigger, slower shuttles can make it there inside the given envelope.

After all this, there’s no way I can say “I told you so”, but when they reviewed the tape again, and took the new readings, Matt said there was definitely something that hit the site of the flares just prior. It was only there for a single frame before impact, and there was nothing on radar, so either it was traveling almost at the speed of light, or it was cloaked somehow. The only thing that could have caused this type of a reaction is an extremely heavy element. Who would do this, more importantly, who could do this? The nations of Earth may still be at each other’s throats, but no one seems prepared for this, at all, and I doubt they would sacrifice the earth to end this war… Mars is pretty peaceful and populated mostly with pacifists, so I couldn’t believe they would have anything to do with this, they might be closer to Pluto base, but they’re loosing just as much as we are. I’ve also been told that it would take several times our total stockpile of the heaviest man-made element. At the risk of sounding crazy, the thought has crossed my mind… We’ve always thought we were alone in the galaxy, maybe we were wrong…

December 26th, 2153
I haven’t had the heart to touch this book for nearly six years. Every time I look at it, all I feel is sadness for what’s been lost… I’ve decided to make one last entry for posterity. We didn’t make it to Pluto. One of our main thrusters overloaded and had to be jettisoned, so we took refuge on Neptune. It’s cold, windy, and barren, but for a while, it’ll have to be our home. Most of the 700 million survivors that made it here are mostly still getting over the loss of Earth, but those who have moved on are already talking about exploration of other systems. One thing’s for sure, we don’t have the resources we need yet, hopefully our new home can provide us with what we need.

Today we watched in horror as our scopes recorded the Earth burning away, I thought this as good a time as any to finish this journal. The shock wave will hit Neptune and then Pluto soon but what’s left of the old research crew, Matt, Ben, Henrich and myself, have concluded that the intensity will be diminished enough so that both planets will at least survive.

They tell me that yesterday would have been Christmas on Earth, but living through this tragedy for the past few years in space and now on this enormous planet, I just don’t know any more. For that reason, there’s talk of doing away with the old calendar, it’s nostalgic for those of us who survived, but the new generation isn’t going to understand it.

If we live through this, I’m going to need to put the past behind me and be strong for those now in my care. So, this is the final entry of Douglas Schaeffer. If you are reading this, then at least someone survived, good luck to you.


TIMELINE: 2147 - 2153 AD|362 - 363 TE|1192 TE|3550 TE|3650 -3650 TE|3659 -3660 TE


Done already eh? So, what’d you think about Schaeffer and his “we are not alone” theory? I bet they never mentioned that at the academy! There’s never been any evidence to prove it one way or the other, and considering how much has happened since then, I doubt there ever will be. That is, unless we suddenly spot some little green men screaming, we did it! Anyways, here’s the second one. When I said I needed to dig these out, I wasn’t kiddin. Still haven’t found the rest… Sure I could have you read the digital versions, but those things’ve been copied, erased, recovered, translated and retranslated so many times, I don’t trust em. Hard copies may be a dying art form, but I think real pages add to that “connection” the elders are looking for. Enjoy…

Excerpts from the personal log of Captain Halidaes Jones

October 29th, 362 TE
We have about 49 hours before we reach orbit above this planet we are all eager to call our new home. I find I’m reliving many old memories. Some lost in time, some suppressed, and others torn away by the struggles of life in space. Now, with the possibility of life on solid ground, to see things I have only dreamed about, like oceans and sunsets, it is as if my life until now has only been a pretense to this moment. Even something as simple as writing the date conjures memories, memories of my childhood and my great grandfather.

I couldn’t have been much more than a 6 year old twig of a girl sitting beside her oldest living relative. I called him “greatpa” but everyone else called him “Admiral.” I didn’t know until much later what that meant. He was a stout and silent man, but it seemed as though his eyes could see beyond the stars, and know what was waiting for us out there. I had just learned about the calendar and how to write the date, my teacher told me that "TE" had been decided on generations ago. So I asked the Admiral what it meant. He told me about what had happened to earth, and how those that could, left, and then humanity was scattered to space. There was some kind of meeting on Neptune about a new calendar, and he sat in as a cadet. They coined the phrase “Terra Exeunt”, loosely meaning “when they left earth” but decided to keep the old monthly calendar as a reminder. I couldn’t fathom all that he told me, the magnitude, the tragedy and the need to be press on, but looking at it from a distance, this new world; somehow it feels as though we’re putting an end to the past and carving a new future.

November 1st, 362 TE
We have finally landed! Here we are on this beautiful and untouched planet. I couldn’t help but be completely awestruck as the first few colonial buildings went up. Hours later, the construction and expeditionary teams were bathed in a gorgeous sunset over an enormous blue ocean, the likes of which, not even my dreams could rival. The reaction seemed to be the same for all that saw it. Many of us are the fifth generation of our family on that ship, putting us seven or eight generations from the survivors of earth. I don’t think that any of us believed our elders stories of earth, and I don’t think we could have!

There are, as was expected, some who refuse to leave the ship for now, but I don’t think their loved ones will allow them to play the recluse for much longer. We have months of long range data, but after only two days on this planet, I feel like I’ve experienced an entirely new life, separate from the cold generational ship that brought me here. Most will want to share this experience with their whole family. Maybe it’s just because I’m the Captain, but I feel like all of the five thousand plus souls on board that ship are my family, and once the surveys and expeditionary teams are done, I’ll make every effort to get everyone off of that dark and cramped ship!

February 10th, 363 TE
Colonization of the planet we now call Avoid is going well. I can’t believe that name stuck... I used it once offhandedly and nearly a month later, they were holding general elections to make that the official name of the system. When I brought it up, it was something corny like “we came here to avoid the clutches of the void.” Eric Furrows, my second in command, told me how lyric it was because apparently “a-something” can mean “not-something”, like “asymmetric”, so, this planet is “not a void”, it’s an “Avoid”… At the time I wasn’t in the mood for an English lesson, but apparently it was not wasted on the populous.

February 16th, 363 TE
Today was a great day! We finally completed and fired up the planet wide hyperband monitoring system, a technology created on Neptune to help communicate across the stars. It uses some kind of inverse tachyon beam to communicate at greater distances, and with less lag than normal light. Kathy Duncan, my technical advisor has tried to explain it several times, along with the reasons we couldn’t use it in space… Twittering on with jargon… I just don’t care as long as it finally works! When we turned it on we were picking up transmissions from all around the celestial neighborhood: Cursa, Dremsho and Grumium are just three off of the top of my head that we were able to communicate with. It looks like the other colonial ships were a success as well! Once again humanity is out of the shadows and populating the Galaxy!

May 27th, 363 TE
I suppose I’ve been too excited to notice it until now, but apparently for the past few months, there have been rumors flying about Pluto. It’s common knowledge that it left orbit centuries ago, but what I haven’t heard until recently is that the astronomers and scientists say it’s not where it should be, based on all of the data collected after The Nova. Chatter on the hyperbands and local news stations tend to be variations of three scenarios. Some say the tiny planet was completely destroyed somehow. I’ve heard: by a comet, another planet, or the inhabitants. Others say that it went too far into deep space for any of our instruments to pick it up, but that’s a lackluster story that I only get from the scientists and skeptics. And last, my favorite version, some say it’s now a giant ship, technologically superior to the rest of humanity, but whether it’s a paradise, or a slave colony is up to the story teller. As far as I’m concerned, these are all just unfounded rumors and I’m just hoping for peace and unity for the time being!

-Halidaes Jones, 301 - 406 TE

TIMELINE: 2147 - 2153 AD|362 - 363 TE|1192 TE|3550 TE|3650 -3650 TE|3659 -3660 TE


So, you’ve had a bit more insight into the mind of the famous Captain Halidaes Jones, have you? Can you believe the story of “Avoid”? I’m bettin that’s in the readin just to show you, when you lead a group as well as she did, those in your command will pick up on every little thing. Choose your words and actions wisely. Moving on… I managed to find the rest of these journals, even though I had to fight a rusted door to get one of em… I still want to see your reaction when you’re done with one, so come get me. I won’t be far. The next one’s about Gifford McCray and his discovery.

The last entries in the journal of the missing Gifford McCray

June 28th, 1192 TE
It looks like I am finally making my way into the scientific community. My 3 day flight, that begins tomorrow, will take me to Avoid VI, the hub of research and development in the system. I am eager to get a look at the new shuttle that will be making the trip in such a short time. Two years ago, this same trip would have taken nearly a month, but with the myriad of research projects being conducted on VI, it seems the boundaries of feasibility are being pushed back. Hopefully I will be able to take part in that!

June 29th, 1192 TE
This craft is amazing, and comfortable! I find I can refine my thesis in peace while I recline. I know the pod is for my safety, because of the high velocity, but I prefer it to the cramped and noisy setting of public transportation I have used previously! They even give you a selection of monitors to see the stars as we travel.

June 30th, 1192 TE
This is incredible! I took a short break to just sit and ponder, and as we were flying, I noticed something much brighter than a star on one of the monitors. When I checked the included “Guide to Celestial Bodies” pamphlet, there was nothing in that direction relative to our current heading. I talked to the hostess, and she said she would mention it to the pilot. I also told her that I was a scientist and why I was headed to VI. She laughed, and said “Ok….” like most women do when I tell them that, but twenty minutes later, she opened my pod and told me to come to the control room! Apparently, what I saw has not been observed to date. When the shuttle crew tried probing it with their basic sensors, they could barely get any readings. What readings they did manage to take were extremely anomalous. I had a look at them and it almost seemed as though there were a whole at that point in space. I am hoping they let me have a more detailed look when we arrive at our destination.

July 15th, 1192 TE
I had to take a break from all of the excitement, to record what has been happening over the past couple weeks! As soon as we landed on Avoid VI, I was told to report, with the crew, to the one of the largest research facilities on the planet! For the most part we just waited outside of a room while a group of scientists talked for a few hours. When they let us in, one of the first things they asked me was what I thought it was, and I could not fight the urge to blurt out, “It is a worm hole! Right?” At that point I was told I could either be part of the project, or face a life of non scientific work. That was an easy choice. There were a lot of calls made, and much more theorizing, but now the expeditionary team leaves in 2 days. This time we will have more sophisticated observation and analysis equipment, which will hopefully be able to tell us, for sure what exactly this is!

July 18th, 1192 TE
After determining the bounds of the anomaly, we have been sitting just beyond the edge of it for some time now. The readings we are receiving have brought us to the conclusion that it is indeed a tear in normal space. Tomorrow we are going to start sending objects through and see how they interact. I was told we are starting with a piece of debris, then an automated probe, and if those are successful, we’ll send in a probe with some live cultures on it to see how they handle the strain.

July 19th, 1192 TE
This is absolutely amazing. The anomaly, now undoubtedly known as a “Worm Hole”, seems to be in a constant and stable state, regardless of whether something passes through it or not, and things certainly do pass through it, just like a door. The debris, the probe, and the cultures, all reached the other side completely unchanged, and the probes were able to return without a problem. Part of the routine that the first automated probe was designed to run had it take a star map. When our astronomer plotted that against our star map, he found that the tear leads to a neighboring system that has yet to be colonized. At least we assume so. We are not able to send or receive electromagnetic signals through the worm hole, mostly due to interference, but for the short time that the probes were on the other side, neither picked up any radio chatter. The rest of the team wants to stay here and conduct more tests, but I want to get out there and see for myself where this takes us!

July 21st, 1192 TE
I can’t believe it, they docked us! Apparently the scientific counsel thinks we need months of testing and cooperation with the military to actually send people through! When I heard that, something snapped. I’ve lived my life by the book until now, but I just can’t take it anymore. Regulation, bureaucracy, and blanket procedures, they’re all just in my way. I need to do something about this now!

July 25th, 1192 TE
I’ve been talking with some of the staff here, including a few of the military guys they sent with us on the last run. In total about 15 people said they’re in. We think we can grab one of those nice new shuttles, and get off of the base before anyone notices. It’s funny the type of information you can get just by asking the right people nicely. The plan goes down tomorrow.

July 28th, 1192 TE
My group and I can now say that we’ve been through a worm hole! I was amazed at how easily we took this ship, and now we’ve confirmed that the anomaly causes no immediate side effects. However, we don’t want to risk returning with our findings just yet. We are now on the other side and we seem to be picking up some extremely intermittent and encrypted transmissions. As a whole, the team is split on what to do, but we’ve all agreed that if we go back, we’ll never get a chance like this again. I think we’re going to investigate… I’ve decided to jettison this journal for now, along with some letters from the rest of the crew, so that if we don’t make it back, someone will know what happened to us. I’ve set the pod to emit a signal beacon after 20 days. My plan is to pick it up before then, but if you’re reading this, apparently things did not go according to plan… In which case: This has been the journal of Gifford McCray. Whether you be friend or foe, I have done all of this in the pursuit of science, and, no matter the outcome, I would do it all again!

-Gifford McCray 1168 TE - ?

TIMELINE: 2147 - 2153 AD|362 - 363 TE|1192 TE|3550 TE|3650 -3650 TE|3659 -3660 TE


The missing Gifford McCray and wormholes, huh? Isn’t that something…? Oh, I bet I forgot to mention, that one was classified. The elders don’t like anyone readin that one unless they’re gonna do what you’re gonna do, and of course doin what I do, I need to have read it. They never did find out what happened to him and his rouge crew, and that might have been for the best. After that little incident, the officials of the time became real careful about who knew about wormholes at all. This next one’s a bit different than the rest. It’s not from some scientist, or ship captain, it’s the entire journal of a factory manager, but don’t worry it’s only 7 entries! His name was Tom Angus, and he wrote this at the time of the first Galactic War.

The journal of Tom Angus

March 1st, 3550 TE
Alright, I’ll start off by saying, this was not my idea. My therapist told me it might help with my stress level… Honestly, I think it might help more if the whole system wasn’t getting attacked every few days! What’s worse is that the enemy seems to be in the habit of leaving no survivors, so we don’t have any idea where they are or how to stop em. Because of all this, the factory has been in constant production of weapons and armor. The team is overworked and the equipment is dated and in need of replacing. So, sure, writing in a little book might help me vent, but if all these other problems went away, that would probably help more!

March 8th, 3550 TE
I heard yesterday that two more systems came under attack, Alathfar and Yvelad, and it fit the same mo as what’s going on here. Those systems are both clear across the known galaxy in different directions! Whoever or whatever these guys are, they’ve got reach…

Well, there was one good thing that happened this week. The factory got an overhaul and now we’ve got more power, more production capacity, and a little extra storage. I think that’ll just mean we’ll have a higher daily quota, but with the increased capacity, we’re hiring some more operators, and the team is fairly happy about that. Anything to raise moral!

March 15th, 3550 TE
Another slew of colonies have been leveled, this time it was in Fadlar. Something has to be done. The divided nations spread in various corners of the galaxy are starting to realize that this problem won’t just go away. The news channels have reported a few meetings discussing a giant alliance, if for nothing else then just to put a stop to these monsters. I really hope that’s the case, there’s no point in remaining independent nations if we all end up dying… We could use some technologic influence as well. I’m seeing what we’re sending out to the battlefield and it’s the same old stuff we’ve been making for years.

March 22nd, 3550 TE
The news channels have been squawking non stop for the past few days. On Tuesday, all feed went dead for about 30 seconds and suddenly a robed representative, looking very much like a religious zealot, claimed to represent a group called The Four Horsemen. He claimed they were from Cursa originally and that they were responsible for these unknown attacks and called for the surrender of the entire galaxy! That would explain a few things, first, Cursa and the near by Sargas went silent centuries ago without any sign of why. Expeditionary teams recently went to repopulate those worlds, and all they found was rubble. Second, it seems their entire civilization is wholly geared towards conquest and destruction, so their knack for leaving no survivors is a form of devotion, not simply a battle tactic. Of course this was enough to get the politicians to agree, finally, that they had to do something. On Thursday, the Galactic Alliance was announced, with the sole intent of ridding the galaxy of this threat. They stated their confidence in being a larger force than that of the 4H, which is the charming abbreviation now used by the media… Along with this announcement they said that, with a name to pursue, spies were successful in locating several 4H bases around the galaxy. I’m not entirely convinced that they can, but I certainly hope they will bring these malevolent psychopaths to justice!

March 29th, 3550 TE
After nearly a week of constant engagements, and a near doubling of our quota at the factory, no end seems to be in sight of this conflict. I have a good friend who works in central intelligence, who probably shouldn’t have told me this; Jamie is the only name I feel comfortable writing down. He says, for every five of our ships, we manage to bring down one of theirs. He did say though, that they don’t seem to be producing new ships. So it’s possible that once we grind them down enough, they won’t be able to keep up with our production. I’m thinking of telling my crew that, I think it would really help raise spirits, but I need to do that without telling them how I know… I wouldn’t want to get Jamie in trouble. He’s got a wife and kids…

April 5th, 3550 TE
Unbelievable! Apparently the information Jamie gave me was dead on. The Galactic Alliance hit a bunch of production facilities and 4H was forced to retreat. That is the problem though, they only retreated, but that means we’ve had 3 days without an attack. A year ago, that might not be so unbelievable, but we’ve been under constant attack ever since these guys showed up. Maybe that means they’re really gone! Production around here hasn’t slowed at all though. I think everyone wants to be sure we’re prepared if they do come back. On the other hand, moral is high! I can already feel the stress peeling away. If this keeps up, I won’t need to vent to a book!

April 12th, 3550 TE
Well, it has been a week, and production has been cut back to prewar levels and everyone’s pretty happy again. The 4H must have returned to whatever hole that they crawled out of. The news casters, Jamie as well, are pretty convinced that they didn’t go back to Cursa. All sorts of rumors are flying as to the origins and even the embodiment of the four. Some people, and a few of the broadcasters, seem convinced that they came to Cursa from the fabled Pluto colony. The common theory is that Pluto is a utopia, as we have been told by the occasional, “I’ve been to Pluto!” nuts. However, with the latest events, I think opinion is starting to swing towards the possibility that the isolationists went crazy…

I’ve also heard a few of my workers say they don’t think that the 4H leaders were human, only their followers. I tend not to buy into theories about aliens, humanity has been flying around the galaxy for almost two millennia now and has yet to see anything non human capable of little more than making a nest. I’d believe they’re no longer human, some sort of mechanical or “elevated” human… but I’m not going to tell anyone that… Maybe I should erase that last line…

All of that aside, I’m feeling much better, so I’m going to tell the shrink to take a hike! Ha, that makes me feel a lot better! Unless the 4H come back, I think this’ll be my last entry here.

- Tom Angus, 3504 - 3587 TE

TIMELINE: 2147 - 2153 AD|362 - 363 TE|1192 TE|3550 TE|3650 -3650 TE|3659 -3660 TE


Well, you’ve had some insight into the first Galactic War? That’s good. What’s crucial to remember here is although the “War” only lasted half a month, the price was enormous. Some historians put the total casualties around 2 billion. Many of those happened when the committee was just sittin around talkin. However, we know the carnage didn’t end there. So, get yourself ready for round two from a slightly different perspective, Silas Stark’s view from the deck of a battleship.

Selections from the log of Bridge Commander Silas Stark, in command of the Halberd

January 20th, 3650 TE
1200 Hours
The ship’s inaugural ceremony was an excellent send off. The crew seems eager to be in space guarding one of our nation’s largest populated planets. There have been minor skirmishes in the sector, but nothing major. It seems that, while there is tension between several of the various peoples of this system, they are reluctant to enter into a drawn out conflict. Even so, the port controller, Scott Newman, an acquaintance of mine, assures me, he and his family feel safer each time they see another ship go up. I used that in a speech I gave to the crew, and many seemed to have taken it to heart. However, William Lockheed, my helmsman, seems to have taken the defense of the entire planet onto his shoulders. With a little more experience, and some mentoring, I think he’ll make a fine officer. He just needs to relax a little.

We are currently headed out to the dark side of the third moon, where we will be stationed in advanced guard for the next few months. I’m anticipating a good deal of down time, in which I hope to have the, mostly green, crew do an assortment of exercises. I’ll have them all either promoted or begging to resign by the end of this station!

February 5th, 3650 TE
2130 Hours
At 1700 hours exercises were interrupted when the ship was broadsided by several unidentified small fighters. While we were able to disable them, they managed to cripple nearly all of our critical systems. My lead engineer tells me we are basically dead in space for the next 48 hours. Our long range communication was the first thing to go so we can not inform the main colony for another 5 hours.

As I said, we only disabled the fighters. However, a short time after, each one self destructed, leaving us without prisoners to interrogate. I have yet to see ships with that sort of firepower. The way they seemed to just appear out of space would also imply a fairly large technology gap. Is this the latest culmination of a local campaign, or the return of a more ancient and sinister enemy?

February 6th, 3650 TE
0420 Hours
Communications were restored, and we are proceeding back to the planet at half of our maximum speed due to irreparable damage of our engines.

When Command was contacted, they notified us that rather than being attacked by the enormous fleet that appeared over the planet, they were hailed. This is in fact a return of the dreaded Four Horsemen, but they seem to have changed in demeanor. This time, rather than an unnamed onslaught, like history records during their last public crusade, the commanders were told that our people would be spared in return for our pacifism. While it may have been nearly a century since their last appearance, every child still hears stories of the 4H. Most of the commanders’ parents were themselves only children when they survived the initial attacks. So, they took the only conceivable action when outnumbered and faced with such deep seeded fear, they complied. Within minutes the entire fleet was gone again. They are either using some sort of cloaking generators, or are capable of traveling faster than light. We were then ordered to return immediately for repairs and redeployment.

Dissention over the decision is obvious, but without unity and a battle plan, it is baseless. Just as every child fears the 4H, they also know that they were only defeated when humanity unified against them. I imagine they will call the war something heroic like, the Second Galactic War.

February 21st, 3650 TE
2000 Hours
For nearly two weeks since repairs were completed, the Halberd has again encountered zero opposition while on patrol. The crew is still on edge.

It seems discussions within our nation have stalled as to how to deal with the return of The Four Horsemen. At the moment, only military production has been increased, they rushed 4 more battleships to space, moving their project plans ahead by months. I am not convinced of their space worthiness… More ships have begun construction in their place.

The majority of our commanders want to attack, but the reality is that our nation has suffered no casualties as a direct result of the war. Therefore it is most likely that we will remain out of the fight as long as possible. However, several of the key nations still flying the flag of the Galactic Alliance are taking heavy losses from, what seems to be, a vastly superior force than the one encountered 100 years ago. I have also heard rumors of local nations actually aiding The Four Horsemen, overtly and covertly. I am not at all sure of the validity, but just the thought is unnerving. Could this group actually become an established force with more staying power than the nightmares that they create?

March 18th, 3650 TE
1800 Hours
Command informed me several days ago that communications with two of the cornerstone members of the Galactic Alliance have gone silent. Today, The Four Horsemen made a mass communication announcing that hostilities with the public at large would no longer be their way, but that the inhabitants of Fadlar and Rutal, including its sub systems, should be evacuated. They also announced a new name for themselves, the “Apocalypse Imperium”, letting the leaders of nations know that service to them would lead to freedom from oppression. It seems as though they have been recruiting…

March 30th, 3650 TE
1430 Hours
In all of my years, I have never been as confused as I am now. Just as the Apocalypse Imperium seemed to have the upper hand in every conceivable aspect, they left; without warning and without struggle. Several of their fleets, and many of the nations that served them remain, but the organization as a whole seems to have dissolved. I can only imagine what this will mean for the future of mankind, and if, or rather when, the Imperium will return…

- Silas Stark, 3602 - 3775 TE

TIMELINE: 2147 - 2153 AD|362 - 363 TE|1192 TE|3550 TE|3650 -3650 TE|3659 -3660 TE


Creepy, isn’t it? The Four Horsemen, or the Apocalypse Imperium, or whatever they’re callin themselves now, just up and left, like Stark said, with no signs or traces of why. They haven’t been back in a few generations, so most are hopin they’re gone for good, but there are still some that talk about em like they were gods or saviors of man… I guess we’ll always have a few nuts wanderin around. Alright, so this is your final required read before takin the seat of power. I’m sure you’ve already worked out a few strategies for dealing with the Galactic Senate; hopefully this’ll give you some perspective on its origin.

Two selections from the journal of Galaxy Daily new reporter, Brandon Bachner

December 15th, 3659 TE
I don’t believe it! This is my big break. With the establishment of the Galactic Senate and unveiling of the Galactic Wars memorial in less than four months, I finally got hired at the Daily Galaxy paper. It’s not quite the Galactic News, but it’s a start! They also told me that if my first couple of stories go well, I’ll be part of the team covering the Senate’s inauguration! With all the fighting in the past few centuries, including galactic wars one and two (GWI and GWII), this is an incredible step to prosperity. Finally there will be a forum where the powers of space can talk about their opinions and concerns rather than just going to war.

I did some research and it seems that the method they chose for deciding on legislature will be similar to the method they used on Earth to elect leaders, almost four millennia ago. Apparently, some of our ancestors divided their land into states, the states would vote. Based on the population and size of the state, the winner would get a certain number of “electoral votes” and whoever got the most of those votes was elected. The new system is going to replace states with star systems. Each planet will be like a vote, decided by the inhabitants and their governments. Those votes will determine the winner of that star system. The winner of that star system gets a number of votes equal to the number of planets in the system, like electoral votes. I’m told that in the end it’s simpler to understand. I think it’s more fun to think about, but simpler isn’t the word I’d use.

I still need to impress them if they’re going to let me go, so I’ll have to work really hard for the next few months!

March 30th, 3660 TE
The Senate is finally a reality, and I was there to record it! It has been ten years exactly since the departure of the mysterious Apocalypse Imperium. “Civilized humanity is once more united with the intent of never again allowing such tyranny and oppression to trouble the people.” I’ve interviewed several of the new Senators, and most of them stated that line nearly verbatim. Then I got a chance to talk with one of the delegates from what was Rutal at the time of the Imperium’s disappearance, Jason Spinowski, was his name. He said that he would be using the position he was appointed to, on behalf of all those wishing to follow the teachings of “The 4”. He would not state any further what 4 he was referring to, but most of the time when that comes up in political speak, it means they are remnants, or new followers of, the Apocalypse Imperium. Additionally, I, along with a mob of other reporters covered the arrival of the delegates from: Traders Consortium, The Imperium of Man, The Black Hand, Borg, Goon Squad, and the Qua’Sha Conclave, as well as Jeffery Gordon, the private owner of over 30 space stations. The word is that he doesn’t actually qualify to be a delegate, but that he already has a few in his pocket…

After giving each press member a thorough scan and search, as well as a tamper proof tracking chip, they brought us inside the enormous Senate building, intended to house hundreds of thousands of representatives from all over the galaxy. This building also contains one of the largest and most complete libraries in existence, as well as an entertainment and culinary wing. It’s completely amazing! It is essentially an entire city under one roof. Then, of course there are the Senate Floor and the Emperor’s Chambers, each much larger than any arena I’ve ever been to.

After the tour, the guide told us to sample their restaurants. I was astounded at the selections, there were three dinners that I saw from systems I wasn’t even aware existed before today, and even a local chain from my home planet! I grabbed my usual, a four cheese pizza with avoid anchovies. That turned out to be not such a good idea when I was sitting in the Senate Floor for the next 5 hours…

The inauguration ceremony was inspiring, and it seemed almost as if there was a delegate or two from each planet within 100 light years! The available data on each delegate was impressive, and entirely optional, as some had no public information available at all. After the ceremony, there was a mock debate about the color of Earth’s sky, demonstrating to the public the process that the senate would take. The original proposals took place in the Emperor’s chambers, and were grey, green, purple and red. They announced that it was in fact blue for historic purposes, but encouraged the delegates to play along with one of the four. Only the most powerful of delegates were permitted to engage publicly in this discussion. The final proposal ended up being red. The discussion then moved to the Senate Floor. The transition and intermission were made fairly quickly, due to the multilevel rapid transit system between the two debate centers. Once on the Senate Floor the general discussion took place, it was half hearted at best, but served its purpose. The voting ensued and the proposal was rejected, although it was only rejected by a 50/20 ratio. I’m guessing not all of the delegates were amused.

Tomorrow, after some much needed sleep, I’m off to see the memorial and comment on that.

What a day!

-Brandon Bachner, 3637 - 3744 TE

Well, there you have it. The history of space travel as we know it from the perspective of six of the poor fools that lived through it. I’ll take their versions over the text books any day! If I had any better advice, I’d give it to you now, but I don’t so, I’ll just say this. It’s your turn to be writin the history. Remember those that got you here and that we’re all countin on you. Now, get out there and make somethin of this ragged bunch!