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Im Zaxon. You may have noticed some of my immaculately designed colonies in the Cogthu system. As someone ingame asked yes the name is somewhat related to the early 80s arcade game Zaxxon in that its where I first heard of it and was probably my 2nd favorite game after Tron (which dates me, I'm 34). Actually the name is a futuristic morph of my real name Jason that I have used in every Sci-Fi MMO since Darkspace (2001).

I have played most if not all of the MMORTS' listed on & though I havent lasted long in any and wouldnt likely be recognized except mabye in Shattered Galaxy. MMORTS' tend to be run by low budget indie or foreign developers and I can only take 90s graphics and a non-english community for so long.

I am currently not guilded and hope to L2P a bit more before joining one. I would rather have some value to add to a guild rather than join one as a helpless noob with annoying questions all the time. I am a huge WH40K fan (RTS, never played with miniatures) and was interested in the Imperium of Man guild but they do not appear to be recruiting.

Not sure what I want to do yet in this game as it has so many possibilities. I have yet to even bother with agents and while I did manage to redesign a power plant I still have issues with the design process. So I have a long way to go. I also have odd/limited playing times due to my work schedule. So far I have had some good help from the community (thanks 7point4) which is a far cry from any previous MMORTS so I may stick around a bit for this one.


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Welcome to the universe. Feel free to contact me any time if you need something Hope you enjoy thew game and the community

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