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Hey everybody, this empty board won't be read until lazy bum Vimes starts mass advertising to people or telling people to do it for him so I can say all I want for now :p

I am one of the leaders of The Black Hand, Beyound Protocols local rogue guild, contact me whenever you need something we have information, tactics, members, and several other things that make us a very powerful guild.

I myself am a interesting fellow, keep on my good side I can find supplies, help with research, tweak twiddle ect, get on my bad side and you'll face some of the most dangerous weapons in the galaxy, with the backup of guildy mates. But I am well known in the mechanics and doohickeys of the game.

As for my recruiting stratagems, they are basic and have no effort put into them, but that's only because why would I need to the guild is just that awesome.

But yeah have a fun time in beyound protocol passerbyers and if you see Vimes, shoot him for me until I can, sneaky bugger isn't in the same system as me.

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